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December 25, 2017

During last month our team attended on a few IT events here in Khmelnitsky. Honestly I was surprised that per 1 week there are 3 interesting IT events here. After living long time in Kiev (15x bigger city) I used to see interesting meetups every day. I was so happy to attend such events periodically and some times was thinking about it as a drawback of living in Khmelnitsky. And I am happy to admit - I was wrong here :) Local IT community growing really fast, there are plenty of different possibilities for developers.

How good is attending IT event for developer? It is extremely useful for newbie developers to

  • get excited about profession;
  • understand that there is nothing hard in new technology;
  • find new friends and advisors;
  • meet real people behind company names and learn a lot internal info about dream work

And for experienced guys:

  • to talk with rock-star developers directly
  • ask question and get help on most complicated scenarios
  • meet a lot of strong developers & C-level guys and build really good personal network

I have noticed that there is no single place to learn about upcoming events in my city. For sure there are FB pages of companies who organize such events and they announce it. But it's very easy to get lost in flow of all news and miss a few pearls.

Intuitively I have created a list of upcoming events in Google Spreadsheet. Then I thought it may me useful for my team also and created a website

After spending a couple of hours I have bought cool domain: KM-IT.EVENTS and uploaded single-page application to Amazon. After a few more hours I created event detail page and added ability to subscribe for new events by email. Posted about it in FB and got first dozen of subscribers instantly!

Talking with a team we decided to start local React Meetup here. So we decided to organize first event in December 21 and announced it just 1 week before. And again with just word of mouth after adding it on our site: and posting in on FB page we gathered 40+ registrations. In addition, to be sure our talks makes maximum value we asked people about their background to decide on what points we should pay attention.

It was tremendous experience to get onto another side of conference. There is nothing hard to rent cool place, get tasty stacks and prepare talks. As a result, hearing multiple THANKS from people really motivates to keep working!

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