Process Board - keep each you process in place!

The smart way to manage recurring tasks and ongoing activities. This is the web app that helps manage individual & business tasks witheasy.

Client Feedback

The team has honest billing practices and creates incredible value for the cost.

As an offshore vendor, Product Crafters has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of domestic firms. Also, their great suggestions have made the software better.

Maxwell Murphy, CEO at

This story begun in 2016. Maxwell Murphy had an idea of the app to manage recurring tasks in a better way. He already co-founded #1 e-commerce site in USA in magic tricks niche - And Our friend engineer developed very first version of it and introduced us to Maxwell.

Maxwell Murphy Co-founder at Pip (

We started working remotely on improving an initial version of an app. We had weekly calls and reports. Soon we started talking more often. After seeing progress, the founder decided to increase the team. We brought another front-end developer and QA.

Maxwell likes to travel, so trip to Ukraine was interesting for him from both perspectives - fun and business. Two weeks after discussing it I've meet him in the airport in Kiev. The same day we were in our Khmelnitsky office. This is a great practice for decision makers to visit remote team. We brainstormed most challenging ideas together immediately started implement them. During this time, we developed Organizations feature in app. Basically, it opened app for businesses. It allowed to model organization processes and assign them to executors. Their manager can review performance easily and avoid micromanagement. Also, we added Stripe support to allow in-app billing. Also, we came up with new landing page angles. And I helped Maxwell to prepare marketing materials on TV-grade equipment here to do the basic production. It allowed him to save extra money. Later we hired English teacher who helped creating content for process library.

Maxwell liked Ukraine so much that he decided to stay here for some time. Soon after short a visit to US, he returned back and spent with us overall 3 months. Which is maximum limit for a foreign citizen.

In 2018 we've implemented all features. Later, Maxwell not only gave us 5-star feedback but also recommended our team to his brother Matt. Now we already gain 3 persons team-size for this project. But this is beginning of the another story..


  • 1 Lead dev
  • 2 Front-end devs
  • 1 Back-end dev
  • 1 Quality Assurance specialist

Period: 1.5 years

Project stages:

  1. Created production version of personal usage
  2. Added business features, payments, reports
  3. Worked on cross-platform mobile version and sms
  4. Improved app performance

Tech stack:

Backend: Node.js, MongoDB
Cloud providers: AWS, mLAB.
Frontend: React, Redux
3-rd party services integration: Stripe, Mailgun, Twilio

Core Features


The essential part of Process Board is a 'process'. You are able to model any real-world process and bring it to digital format to be able track it. Each line in a dashboard is a process. Each rectangle shows the progress of that process on a particular date. If a user completed all process steps, it will be green. Otherwise it will be red.

One more amazing feature allow you sharing the entire activity group to another person with just a couple of clicks!


Have you ever been in a situation when your employee hasn't done some critical tasks and you remind him about it constantly and ask about the progress?

With ProcessBoard, you just setup this activity and monitor how it goes, via Dashboard. Flexible Organization structure setup ready from the box. Setup the admin role for department manager and delegate monitoring of employees with ease.

Even more, in one click enable email reporting and get just it time information about critical organization processes.

Flexible process control

Each process may have unlimited number of steps. Each step here may be a checklist item for very simple actions 'buy a milk' or a text item for more detailed answers 'What particular steps have I accomplished after reading a monthly report?'

Process might be scheduled in multiple ways: to repeat each day, or for a particular number of times per week or month. Also, you may set start & end dates and export the process to Google Calendar.

As well the process may be assigned to organizational department. In this case, both - executors and his manager, will see the process in their dashboard. Another feature allows transferring the process to multiple groups.

Process library

A curated list of best-working processes is already compiled for you. The processes are grouped by categories, tags and authors. Each process has accurate statistics on it's install actions numbers, completed steps, likes. As well, it contains the section of similar processes.

In order to select a process that interests you, just click Install button to immediately get it right in your dashboard and start using it. If needed, you might customize each particular process, based on your wishes and needs.

Each process comes with a schedule and has a link to the source and additional materials.


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