Being a non-tech guy in the world of tech startups

You have a great idea for a tech company, but the lack of tech experience makes running it overwhelming and extremely exhausting. Meanwhile, there are areas of your business where you can bring a lot of value and make big strides with pleasure. But rather than investing all your efforts into it, you spend time on technical problems and do not get anywhere really meaningful.

Is there a choice?

You can always build an in-house tech team. Just a warning, it will not be easy. And it takes time, a lot. Finding quality talent can be tough, interviewing, negotiating and personnel management can take a lot of time, onboarding can be expensive. So is it the only choice available?

Co-founder attitude

ProductCrafters teams up with non-technical founders and takes the burden of product and app development off your shoulders. It gives you time to work on the fields of your expertise. We can be an extension of your team and take the hardest parts. As a result, you bring the ideas into your field (your strength) and we build products and help to launch them (our strength).
We are your tech co-founders who know everything about the tech and lets you take care of the business.

Product Development Services

To prepare a plan that will take you from just-having-the-idea stage to having a tangible product, we need to examine your business goals and values. We begin by learning your business inside and out, gathering and analyzing all the information about it.

Prepare to speak a lot. Instead, you will get a budget and timeline estimation, product concept, wireframes, and product specifications.

What you get

A complete product roadmap to get you from an idea to the ready project.

Design and development are closely dependent on each other so we tend to perform them simultaneously to speed up the development. To build the product you love and can be proud of, we will maintain constant communication throughout the project.

You will get access to all the management tools and will always be able to find us available on Slack. We also accomplish development in sprints to be able to gradually demonstrate the results of development.

What you get

An incredible app, full code ownership, and access to all our management tools and access to our tech expertise

In case you got stuck with the app and have no idea why it is so slow, it’s time to address for a rescue mission. We will scrutinize the code and fix your application.

What you get

Seamlessly working app fixed within a short timeline

Rating and Awards

Basis of Partnership

Regular communication

We stay in touch with you via regular audio and video calls, emails and Slack messages. Effective communication is one of our core values that guarantees successful cooperation.

Performance reports

We are members of your team and want you to take part in the development process. We make it possible with the help of transparency and frequent reporting.

Access to project management tools

Sometimes there is no time to have a call or even simply chat and we totally understand it. That’s why we provide a possibility to add a new task or feature directly to the work management tool.

Post-release support

Post-release support is the perfect solution when you need to quickly add new features after the initial development or modify the app in response to the changing technology market.

They were diligent, fast, they delivered. They’ve been awesome, every step of the way. I highly recommend ProductCrafters if you want to build an app
Devon Smittkamp CEO at Glitch Creative Labs

Technical Stack


For front-end, our choice is React.js. We use GraphQL and Redux for state-management.


Our choice for mobile platform is React-Native tools.


We use Node.js and PostgreSQL, MongoDB depending on project needs.

Clean code and best-practices usage proven by tech advisors from Microsoft & Tokopedia

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  4. We sign NDA with all our clients to provide confidentiality.

Tetiana Kozubniak

Account Manager

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Tetiana Kozubniak

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