Our team also helps sustainable companies to develop internal projects and create new from scratch.

Our typical contact person is a senior technical manager who already has internal development teams in-house. We help to extend teams with our core competencies.

When you should choose it

  • When you need to add more features that are outside of your team specialty
  • It’s hard for you to engage and sustain a topnotch team in your location
  • It’s the best choice when you need to deliver results quickly and there is no time to spend on a hiring process
  • Budgets are constrained so you have to find a way to deliver high-quality products with cost efficiency.

Dedicated Teams

This approach allows to save your team’s time and drive forward without engaging internal team.
We scrutinize your organization and provide technology solutions that meet your strategic objectives.
We are ready to take all the management responsibilities for you.
Our team of project manager, engineers, designers and QAs will work hard on meeting project goals and deadlines.

  • Core tech expertise
  • Ready-to-go team in 2-3 weeks after signing contract
  • Sign SLA

Team Extension

This model lets you maximize the productivity of the team. It allows us to bring core expertise to your business model.
We realize corporate task management and communication tools to work with head office team side by side. In this case, we use corporate task management and communication tools to work with head office team together.

  • A gathered team of people with various qualifications and specializations to fit your needs
  • Adhering to your processes and policies
  • Strong expertise of the technical aspect
  • Total team control while taking advantage of reduced administration, flexibility, and scalability
  • NDA agreement

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With one request, borrowers are connected to dozens of lenders that are specifically looking to lend in your market.

Contact us

  1. Our account manager will contact you within 24 hours
  2. Our team will communicate closely with you to get a full understanding of your vision.
  3. We will get back to you with a tangible roadmap and the detailed estimation.
  4. We sign NDA with all our clients to provide confidentiality.

Tetiana Kozubniak

Account Manager

Contact us

Tetiana Kozubniak

Account Manager