Senior Planning Services is a leading Medicaid application company in the healthcare industry with a stellar reputation throughout the long term care community. The SPS guides thousand of individuals through the complex Medicaid process and helps successfully apply for the Medicaid.

The app helps field consultants to interview applicants, get and arrange necessary information and upload documents. It makes the process of applying easier for both applicants and field consultants.

5 months

4 people



  • Convenient and easy-to-use applicant form. As field representatives use tablets during the interview process, they need to arrange the received information properly.
  • To make this information available for the back-office. To provide them the ability to check and approve it.
  • To make an offline application procedure possible. Applicants can be located in places with no Internet access and it’s extremely important for representatives to fulfill forms and save gathered information in an organized way.
  • To find a way to prevent loss of important data.


Together with client backend team within budget and time scope, we developed a React application that helps field representatives to manage applicants information. We added offline capabilities to store data locally and upload it to the cloud when the internet connection becomes available.

Application Description

There are 2 main parts of the application.

Healthcare appointments

Appointments List

It helps field representatives to make appointments, manage, amend and remove them from the schedule. This page allows reps to have all necessary information about their tasks and planned activities gathered in one place. This field displays not only planned arranges but also completed ones. So it’s always possible to come back to any of the completed tasks and review all information connected to it.

Application details

The second part of the app is the place where the patient profiles are managed. This main part consists of 3 tabs.

Application field

This is a screen where all gathered from appliers information is filled in and saved. While interviewing clients, field representatives complete 6 main application fields:

  • Basic
  • Verification
  • Insurance
  • Employment
  • Properties
  • Accounts
Healthcare basic info

Each of them requires filling in some specific information and allows to manage it easily. To make the navigation easier, faster and more convenient on the right side of the page there is a list of field sections and associated documents.

Under each subsection, there is a counter of missing or invalid data that helps to monitor the accuracy of form fulfillment.

Associated Documents

There are 4 possible types of associated documents.

Healthcare associated documents
Document Required

If an applicant does not have a necessary document at the moment of the interview there is a possibility to send to field representative later to attach it manually.

Family to send

Documents that should be provided only by family members


In some cases, document photo is not required and only general information is needed.

Healthcare attach documents


The option of this status is to attach a document. When there is a possibility to provide information using different documents users can choose specific type.

Healthcare documents


On this tab, users can find all associated document taken on each stage of application. They can be filtered by section or by status. It’s also possible to edit documents when needed.

Healthcare intake


All gathered and put in information is displayed on this tab. So it makes the process of reviewing every client's data more accessible and helps to find out if every necessary piece of information was taken and saved.

Development stack




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Golda Grossman

Director of Application Development, LTC

“Still in development, the app has received positive feedback from key internal stakeholders. Product Crafters keeps the project moving through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement. The quality of their code makes them a valuable partner.”