Dennis and Felipe opened their business in decentralized HR infrastructure in 2018. In 2019 they found partner companies from the care workers industry and decided to build a mobile app for iOS and Android. They decided to outsource the development and their target was to find a tech-driven company run by a technical founder. And that’s when they came in contact with us.

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CEO at

“We are happy with the results. We met our deadlines and we are still in the budget that I think is very rare for tech products. Couldn’t be happier.”

Project Idea

PflegeHub is a one-stop-shop for the new job in the care workers industry. It connects nurses and caretakers with jobs available. Companies see anonymous applicant profiles and can make offers for interviews.

Candidates can create a profile in 2 minutes using the app and receive offers for interviews from interested companies that are hiring.


  • The mobile framework was changed during the development.
    Originally it was required to build the app using the Expo platform. That is faster to develop but has some limitations. In the middle of the project, it was decided to add a new feature to the app - the ability to notify nurses about the new offers via notification. To implement the best look-and-feel experience we had to migrate the app to React-Native. It was done within 1 week without significant code changes.
  • Implementing chat on mobile and existing Angular web app
    At some point of development appeared the necessity to implement a messaging channel. The hiring company’s website was developed on Angular and it was required to implement the chat on both the website (Angular) and a mobile app (React Native). The terms of the development were short so we had to learn Angular fast and implement a smooth communication channel.


The very first version of the app was launched within 2 months for iOS and Android, meeting the deadline. It received positive feedback from investors & end-users, so Dennis and Felipe brought new tasks to the project scope. After the implementation of these changes, the app was ready for the public launch. We integrated the marketing infrastructure to improve Facebook Ads efficiency from day 1. We helped to set up the marketing campaigns and analyze results.

We are happy with the results. We met our deadlines and we are still in the budget that I think is very rare for tech products. Couldn’t be happier.
Dennis CEO at Pflegehub
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      All-embracing registration process

      The app has an elaborate way of authorization. When users install the app, they need to choose where and how they would like to work, with what types of patients, the experience they have, and their preferences. The profile is created covering all relevant aspects for companies.

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      Referral Links and Likes

      To allow a company to promote the app and enlarge the number of users, we enabled the possibility for users to send their referral code to friends and colleagues. It also helps the company to track how visitors come to installing the app and reward them in return.

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      Edit profile with ID check integration

      As users have to provide the documentation and all required information for getting the offer, the possibility to upload photos of documents for KYC verification was added.

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      Smooth communication with users
      by sending push-notifications

      With the easily-customized notifications, users don’t have to look around for information about getting a new offer or new “appraisal” from other users. When new information is sent, it takes seconds for users to notice it even having the app closed.

    • Chat

      We created a new microservice to handle chat communication (push-notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging). Then we added the ability to receive messages on the mobile apps and respond.

    Marketing support

    After launch, Dennis & Felippe asked to integrate the app with Facebook marketing platform. Our team has also helped to improve installation conversion rates & cost per install. To move further, we connected event tracking with Facebook ads and informed Fb about users’ successful registration. Thus we became able to optimize ads and target people who successfully register in the app, not only just launched. This step allowed us to perform benchmark analysis and compare different marketing messages based on real results and not just keep optimizing campaigns by cost.


    • Ongoing text messaging via Discord
    • Video calls
    • Continuous deployment with regular demos

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