Why us

While working with us, you don't have to worry about the quality of our code or eagerness to work hard. We treat your product and the art of developing it as craft brewers treat the process of making the beer - with concern, respect and full our attention.

Who we are

Beauty Adviser team
  • Tight-knit team with proven track-record of successful projects
  • Top notch developers: we hire top 5% specialists of the market
  • Most of our customers recommended us to colleagues and family
  • Highly evaluated team by recognized rating: Clutch 4.8/5
  • We are constantly learning with industry experts from Microsoft & Tokopedia

Not only pros

We are team of 8 engineers so we don’t have the right to make mistakes.

The difference in time between our office and NY is 9 hours. That’s why early mornings and evenings are the only available options to communicate with clients. Because of this, it’s important for us to have excellent communication skills and elaborate all the details in advance.

Our team competes with the biggest companies from all over the world: Europe, India, Mexico, China. We have to take it into an account and treat our work with all the diligence. Put much value upon it and perform our best. Accordingly, every our developer is interested in the success of the project that is under our wing.

We have top Microsoft developer and head of one of the biggest Ukrainian technology companies as our mentors. We appreciate the craft itself and emotions that our clients receive from working with us. No wonder that we have such positive testimonials from them.

Due to our approach, 3 from 4 of our clients introduced us to their colleagues, friends and relatives, which, in their turn, became our new partners. That’s why we grew in 2 times just in one year.

We are proud of the work we do. And glad to have 1 from the Accenture executive officers (#1 outsourcer in the world) confirming it.

How do we get best results?

  • We do not take on project that we are not keen to deliver
  • We estimate and manage risks on every stage of the projects
  • We push boundaries: we like to discover new tools and explore ways of using them
  • We build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients by exceeding expectations and a great level of transparency

How do we hire people?

We regularly organize tech meetups. These events allow to share experience between all developers and learn something new.

It gives us a chance to find the best engineers and invite them to our closed educational program.

During this class our senior developers with guys from Microsoft and Tokopedia run series of lessons.

Then we hire applicants who have successfully completed educational project

Applied candidates
Passed an exam
Completed education
Were hired

Our Articles on The Startup & HackerNoon

Do not just take our words

    • What most impressed me about ProductCrafters was their dedication to my project and understanding of our goals. They were very honest and transparent throughout the entire process and even invited me to Ukraine prior to the app launch to meet the team and work with them in their office. The travel time was long, but it was well worth it. Every member of their team - Oleg, Oleksii, Vadim, Anatolii, and Alex Strong were superstars. They are extremely hard working and great people.

      Mario Alcaraz

      Mario Alcaraz

      CEO of BeautyAdvisor.com

    • The team has honest billing practices and creates incredible value for the cost.
      As an offshore vendor, Product Crafters has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of domestic firms. Also, their great suggestions have made the software better.

      Maxwell Murphy

      Maxwell Murphy

      Founder at ProcessBoard.io

    • The app has received positive feedback from key internal stakeholders.
      Product Crafters keeps the project moving through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement. The quality of their code makes them a valuable partner.

      Fernando Rosario

      Fernando Rosario

      CTO at Raisal.com

    • The team is a communicative and cost-effective partner.

      Their insightful advice has maximized the application’s performance. Customers can expect to achieve great value.

      Healthcare logo

      Golda Grossman

      Director of Application Development at LTC Consulting Services

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