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Upwork Reviews: Real experience from other people

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Upwork reviews from real users. Everything about fees, customer experience, and satisfaction in one article β€” read before you start using Upwork!

What is Upwork

Upwork is the biggest freelance marketplace nowadays. It was born in 2015 after connecting the most popular freelance platforms at that time oDesk & eLance. This platform covers almost all possible remote jobs: Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Software Development, Design, Writing, and others. They claim there are 8000+ skills in Upwork Freelancers. And do not focus on a particular niche.

We have analyzed positive & negative reviews on Upwork to give you enough info to answer the question: “Is Upwork good for me or I should use an alternative?”.

Upwork Numbers & Strategy

Upwork made over $300mm in revenue in 2019. Regarding SimilarWeb, UpWork is visited by 38 million people per month. Wich is 4x more than freelancer.com, the biggest competitor. In 2020 Upwork purged 1.8 million freelancers. But there are still 12 million freelancers on the platform.

Its CEO said Upwork would be focusing more on serving the biggest companies rather than smaller ones. For those types of clients, there is an Upwork Enterprise account that includes an account manager. So if you are an early startup founder looking for an extra pair of hands, it may be worth trying a more individual-oriented company.

How Upwork works

Upwork connects direct clients with independent employees all over the world. The client registers an account and creates a job description with specific conditions, like budget & timeline. Within a couple of hours, dozens if not hundreds of potential applicants respond. Then client chooses one or a few. In case of issues with work/payments, the Upwork support team reviews & analyzes the situation and makes decisions.

Upwork Pros & Cons

Upwork Pros

πŸ… There is the ability to leave a review & rate each client & consultant.

πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈ Upwork has special tests, that cover language, and skill.

🌐 The biggest variety of freelancers on one website.

Upwork Cons

It’s often hard to check if the text on the freelancer platform true or not, regarding experience, education & even completed projects (outside of the platform).

βŒ›The time-consuming process of choosing the right freelancer, communicating and analyzing work performance on the project.

πŸ’° huge competition forces new freelancers to dump and to apply to not absolutely relevant projects

Upwork Scams

😱 A lot of users from China & India are trying to buy US/European accounts. We saw a couple of cases when they offered 500-2000$ for an account.

πŸ§ͺ It’s hard to control who actually works on your project. A person who talked with you on a sales call or another, low-qualified freelancer.

To be honest, these problems are actual for almost any freelancing platform. Not only for Upwork.

Real user Upwork Reviews

We’ve gathered reviews on Upwork across the web, review sites, social platforms.

Is Upwork good for Clients?

In this article, we cover Upwork reviews and experience only from the client’s perspective.

Best Upwork reviews from clients

Upwork real client review 1

Upwork has a lot of tools to cover hiring, project control, and finances. Decent fees are included.

Upwork real client review from user in telecommunications

Freelance platform gives you access to the workforce across the globe.

Worst Upwork reviews

Worst Upwork review 1

Scams exist everywhere, Upwork is not an exception. Sometimes clients do not agree with the final decision from the Support team.

Worst Upwork review 2

Even though Upwork tests exist & are involved in freelancer rankings,Β  they are not required, so there can be a number of scams using the platform. It remains important to check by yourself if a freelancer’s qualification is good enough for your project and review their portfolio and feedback from previous projects.

Worst Upwork review 3

Upwork Hourly Rate

The minimum hourly rate on Upwork is 3$/hour. Let’s get some real-life examples: software development services may cost from $15 to $150+/hour.

Upwork hourly rate example

Upwork reviews from Twitter

Best reviews:

Upwork review from Twitter

Upwork reviews on Twitter

Worst reviews:

Worst Upwork reviews on Twitter

Worst Upwork reviews on Twitter


Upwork Fees

Upwork fees are taken from freelancers’ payouts and depend on the project budget. The bigger project is – the less percentage will be paid to UpWork. That’s why working on a lot of small projects is much more expensive for a freelancer.

Upwork Fees


For the client, it costs +3% for payment fees.

There are 3 pricing plans for clients. Free, Plus (50$/month) & Enterprise (custom).

Better alternatives to Upwork?

Generic freelance platforms like Upwork are Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com. On these websites, you can find employees with a full variety of skills.

Specialized freelance platforms: Gun.io, TopTal.com for software development. They are better in freelancers vetting although their minimum hourly rate is significantly higher than on Upwork.

For technical startups looking for software development, it may be worth working with a software team focused on 1 project at a time. In this case, you are getting a tight-knit team with a track record of launched startups. The downside of this approach is that you may need to wait for a couple of weeks until the team is busy.

Here is a review from a client who originally started the project with a freelancer & switched to the managed development team:

Read the full case study