Client location:Germany

Product:Unique mobile app platform matching tenants and landlords

Project duration:6 months

In March Andrew & Alex contacted us and shared an idea to build a new generation of real estate platforms. They have solid experience in the real-estate sphere and are ready to transform it into a tech product. To build an app that matches an apartment to prospect with much higher accuracy than other platforms do.


Front-end: React, React-Native, JavaScript
Backend: Node.js, PostgreSQL, AWS, NGINX

Team Services:

Project Manager,
1 x Backend Developer
3 x Front-end Developers

Project Idea

Breeze is a unique platform matching tenants and landlords. The platform helps landlords to share all details & photos of available apartments with tenants easily and makes the tenant selection process as fast and convenient as possible. At the same time, prospects can use the platform to find an apartment at the exact place they want and that will match all their requirements and possibilities.

Challenges AND solutions


Implement 3 different views of apartment lists that require different solutions of uploading newly added apartments


Showing apartments on the map regarding the prospect “starting point” and chosen distance


Geodata and caching App uses paid APIs to get POIs, distances, and travel time. Each request costs money and each user will bring more expenses. We reduced 3rd party API usage & bills 2x-5x times and improved app performance by 40% by:

1. Batching requests to 3rd party API for each apartment from 7 to 1.
2. Introducing map grid concept (cluster requests to API)
3. Building an algorithm that allows predicting transportation time between 2 places with a 10-15% error rate and performs within 50 ms instead of 7 seconds (without caching & predicting).


Our team built iOS and Android apps with the possibility to use the app under 2 different roles and an admin panel for landlords following project requirements and embedding alterations. Reduced 3rd party services usage & bills 2x-5x times. The apps were submitted in both App Store and Play Market.

Main Features

Apartment creation & xls import

Different types of landlords (small and medium-sized) have different needs. So we implemented the possibility to create apartments manually via the mobile app or simply import the list of all apartment characteristics via the admin panel. If landlords need to change anything or to add photos while being in the apartment, they can always use the phone to do it.

Technology Stack








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