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what we do

Building ideas from scratch

Craft ideas

Selecting features

Describe tech side of pitch-deck

Estimating budgets

Enhancing existing products

Move from another team

Save data & migrate to a new solution

Solve performance issues

Bring A/B testing & product analytics

Dedicated teams

Scale existing team with our in-house team

Bring new competence and launch a new product within existing business

They were diligent, fast, they delivered. They’ve been awesome, every step of the way.

Devon Smittkamp

Partner @ Glitch Creative Labs


12 Reviews

Offering internal code quality control

Regular client satisfaction check

Changing team composition to your demand

2-4 weeks to onboard your team

Average retention 3+ years

Some of our clients

Featured works

Team that turns ideas Into products

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Benefits you get with ProductCrafters

Retention rate

Our software development company has an 80% retention rate, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality services and building long-term relationships with our clients.

4.9 out of 5 client satisfaction rate

Clear communication, honesty, and expertise are our secret formula.

Assistance with fundraising

In the discovery phase, we recommended delivering a tech stack, budget estimation & deliverables calendar. We plan project architecture based on your desired number of users & scalability priorities.

Tight-knitted stable team of experts

Most companies will hire new developers, will put them into one Zoom screen, and call it a team. Our team is working together for 6 years and we act as a real team.

Direct line to CEO & Quick changes for your requests

Client satisfaction is CEO’s first priority.

Paying for approved features only

We send invoices only after the client approved completed features.

Featured works

Models of cooperation

Custom software development

Our responsibility to deliver in-time and in-budget solution

Typical project length 4-12 months

CTO as a service included

Deploy, submit to App Store, maintenance

Development team augmentation

Analysis of business needs, tech stack

Hiring, accounting, contracts

Office, work equipment, onboarding

Regular reviews, support

How to start


You contact




You share idea


Rough estimate


Crafting your product




Sign contract & start

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What delivery methodology do you use?
We choose delivery methodology based on the project needs. We choose between Scrum and Kanban. Both includes sprint planning, retros and continuous updates.
Where would you recommend we host the project?
We prefer AWS for most of the projects because of it's scalability, reliability and wide list of available tools. For simple projects we suggest dedicated servers (VDS), they are cheaper.
Will I have access to the testing environment?
During the development client has access to the testing environment. It's closed for public. It's been updated at least weekly.
What is my involvement during the development process?
We need most of your attention during discovery phase (first week or two). Later, we have 1 video-call a week to discuss progress with the team & client. All project-management activities are tracked and updated daily in Clickup (or client system, like Jira).
What kind of reporting can I expect?
At the end of each sprint, the project manager conducts a demo for a client. In addition he sends an email with the list of tasks completed. Sometimes clients asks for a daily reports after standup meetings with a team.
What warranties are offered on your code?
After product is accepted by the client, we provide 14-days of guarantee. Any bug found during this period will be fixed free of charge. Also we sign documents that confirms we are not using any unlicensed code.