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Captivating beauty sphere with our digital expertise


Developing innovative financial technology solutions to disrupt the global economy


Improving care quality with reliable and convenient software.

Our confession

We are team of 8 engineers. And due to this, we have no rights to make mistakes.

There is a 9 hours difference between us and NY city. The only possible time to maintain communication with our clients is mornings and evenings. So it was of vital importance to develop excellent communication skills and learn how to elaborate all details in advance.

As our team competes with bigger companies from Europe, India, Mexico, it’s necessary for us to treat our work with all the diligence, put much value upon it and perform our best.

We are proud of the work we do and appreciate the emotions that our clients receive from working with us. No wonder that ¾ clients referred us to new ones and all of them left positive testimonials.

Case Studies

    • Beauty Advisor

      Beauty Advisor - is a platform created for beauty lovers. For those who always want to be in trend and keep up with the fashion. For those who help people to look awesome: hair-stylists, makeup artists, hair designers, cosmetic surgeons.


       Beauty industry


       California, USA

    • Process Board

      World's first management engine for recurring tasks and ongoing activities. The Web app that helps to manage individual or business tasks with ease.




       California, USA

    • Raisal

      It is an online commercial mortgage marketplace that secures commercial real estate loans. With one request, borrowers are connected to dozens of lenders that are specifically looking to lend in their market.




       Florida, USA

    • Medicaid application project

      For LTC Consulting

      The app helps field consultants to interview applicants, get and arrange necessary information and upload documents.




       New Jersey, USA

    Technical Stack


    For front-end, our choice is React.js. We use GraphQL and Redux for state-management.


    Our choice for mobile platform is React-Native tools.


    We use Node.js and PostgreSQL, MongoDB depending on project needs.

    Clean code and best-practices usage proven by tech advisors from Microsoft & Tokopedia

    Real Referrals

    We are happy to provide you with direct contacts of our clients from California, Los-Angeles and Florida


    Work with us for 2 weeks, have a look at the first demos and see how we work from within. If you are not happy with the results, we will send the money back

    Smart Communication

    We do daily video stand-ups, weekly demos. We provide direct connection with developers in Slack.

    Be our guests

    Video calls are good - real-life communication is always better. Buy airline tickets to Ukraine, and we will cover everything else: A-class office and apartments in the city center

    We grow a local development community

    Organized Events
    IT Professionals
    React Academy
    Educational Program

    Do not just take our words

      • What most impressed me about ProductCrafters was their dedication to my project and understanding of our goals. They were very honest and transparent throughout the entire process and even invited me to Ukraine prior to the app launch to meet the team and work with them in their office. The travel time was long, but it was well worth it. Every member of their team - Oleg, Oleksii, Vadim, Anatolii, and Alex Strong were superstars. They are extremely hard working and great people.

        Mario Alcaraz

        CEO of BeautyAdvisor.com

      • The team has honest billing practices and creates incredible value for the cost.
        As an offshore vendor, Product Crafters has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of domestic firms. Also, their great suggestions have made the software better.

        Maxwell Murphy

        Founder at ProcessBoard.io

      • The app has received positive feedback from key internal stakeholders.
        Product Crafters keeps the project moving through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement. The quality of their code makes them a valuable partner.

        Fernando Rosario

        CTO at Raisal.com

      • The team is a communicative and cost-effective partner.

        Their insightful advice has maximized the application’s performance. Customers can expect to achieve great value.

        Golda Grossman

        Director of Application Development at LTC Consulting Services

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      1. Let us help you take your idea forward and let’s get in touch.
      2. Our account manager contacts you within 24 hours.
      3. Our team will communicate closely with you to get a full understanding of your vision.
      4. We will get back to you with a tangible roadmap and the detailed estimation.
      5. We sign NDA with all our clients to provide confidentiality.

      Tetiana Kozubniak

      Account Manager

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      Tetiana Kozubniak

      Account Manager