Client location:US, NY

Product:Real-time social network

Project duration:2 weeks

IGotNext is a real-time social network that connects strangers together to play the games they love. It spans across many Nintendo game titles and helps to find gaming rivals using a personal matchmaker.


React-Native, Redux, AWS, NODE.JS, MongoDB, Redis, Socket

Team Services:

UX, backend, front-end development, testing

ProductCrafters are the best development team we've ever worked with personally. They’ve been awesome, every step of the way. I highly recommend ProductCrafters.


CEO at Glitch Creative Labs

Challenges & Solutions

Strict time constraints

We considered all the desired features and chose the most important ones. Glitch Creative Labs also saved us some time. They created beautiful graphics for the app, including the logo and app store marketing materials. Within 2 weeks, we had built the app with core functionality.

Filtered online players list

In this list, users are separated by games, skill level, and visibility settings. To implement instant updates for these filters we use Redis (an in-memory key-value database) and socket connections.

Real-time gamers connections

When the invite is sent, a 60-second timer is activated. Users have to make a decision whether to accept or decline the request, so it was extremely important to display immediate notifications for both users. We used Google Firebase under the hood to guarantee 95% of push notifications are delivered within 250 milliseconds.


Gaming Lobbies

To provide users with the possibility to find teammates or rivals among different games, we implemented the multiple game lobby. We designed the project architecture to allow an unlimited number of games to be added.

Devon & Glitch Labs' original idea was to create a multiple-game app. As the project timeline was extremely short, we decided to develop the app for only one game - Super Smash Bros. We expected it to take a week to build a proof of concept, but we did it in 3 days.

Knowing how important is to establish the right architecture early on, we decided to use the spare time to work on the original plan.









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