In the August of 2018 Mario Alcaraz, CEO of contacted our team and asked for help with 3 apps.

He has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years and has extensive expertise there.


  • To create a new iOS app that can replicate existing website features and add new possibilities like photo collage or show promoted experts according to the user location.
  • To fix from crashing and improve its performance. The original version of the site used to crash from time to time. It made previous developers wake up in the middle of the night to fix errors or restart the server. Performance of the site was so bad, that developers had to add a caching server to avoid huge delays even for a small number of users.
  • To solve a lack of performance and stability in back-office’s web app.


After performing the inception stage and analyzing the situation we decided to rewrite old site backend to solve the root of the problem. The second step was to develop React-Native app for iOS. After that, we created expert featuring abilities and developed the back-office app for content moderation and user support.

Backend + Web App + Mobile App

Our team reworked backend part of the website to solve critical issues and built solid fundament. Then we created a brand new iOS app. The final stage was creating a web app for back office.

7 months

4 people

75+ screens

About Project

BA - is a platform created for beauty lovers. For those who want always be in trend and keep up with the fashion. For those who help people to look awesome: hair-stylists, makeup artists, hair designers, stylists, cosmetic surgeons.

People may create a profile as regular users with the ability to share unique and astonishing photos and videos across the US. Also, look for pieces of advice or interact with other beauty lovers or local experts. It’s also possible to sign up as a professional who is ready to provide beauty services and consult.

There are 5 main screens of the app: Explore, Find Pros, Advice, Stories, Activity


The most trending beauty things perfectly tailored to your taste. To make it work, we added a list of beauty spheres at the upper part of the screen, which helps to narrow new updates to the specific topic. When you choose a specific sphere, all posts related to it appear on the screen together with the option to continue narrowing the searching results.

Here users can:

  • See what’s in trend right now from photos and videos.
  • Browse results by category and choose Editorial or Community generated content.
  • Filter results by authors location.
  • Save and organize it into public or private Collections.
  • Explore photo and video details and see tagged products.
  • Ask a question about a photo.
  • Follow the author to see his updates in the activity stream or just like the content.

Create Before & After Collages

For those who always search for better options, there’s a possibility to look through collages made by professionals or create your own to share an experience.

1. Choose 2 photos that you want to be compared.

2. Decide what kind of layout would be the best for you.

3. Crop & zoom if needed.

4. Save a result in the gallery.

5. Don’t forget to add a description, tag products, and share.

Find Pros

The app allows finding the best local experts and their works in just one tap.

  • It’s easy to look for professionals with the help of direct Search if users know the name.
  • We implemented the option to filter all results by expert’s type, categories or location.
  • The search narrowed by location option provides the ability to choose the name of the specific location. It’s possible to adjust the distance for searching up to 80 Miles.
  • Users can send a direct message to ask a question or schedule an appointment


For those who can’t choose the best hairstyle or wonder what makeup to apply for a special event, there is a possibility to get free help from experts or regular users across the US.

Users may filter questions by category and sort them by different options to find the most interesting topics to discuss.


The team of BeautyAdvisor’s editors and fashion experts regularly writes and shares the most outstanding beauty stories.

If it’s hard to decide what to read next, there are suggested trending stories and the ability to filter the information up to your interests.


  • Blazing-fast search for users, photos, videos, pieces of advice and stories
  • Communication with authors, experts via direct messages
  • Users will not miss a single important trend from friends with Activity stream.


  • Video calls twice a week.
  • Continuous deployment with weekly demos.
  • The client has spent 2 weeks in our office at the final stage of the project.

Project development stack:







3rd party integrations:



There were two unexpected challenges during project development.

  • Original estimation of the iOS project was too optimistic. As soon as we discovered it, the client was informed immediately. Our team started to work long hours. Free engineers from other projects were involved. It allowed us to complete the project almost without delay and without changing the budget.
  • There was a miscommunication issue regarding back-office app. Originally it was planned to develop it at the second stage. In the middle of the project, thanks to communication, it became clear that we also needed to develop that app within the first stage. To solve this issue we added 2 more developers temporarily to work on this app in parallel.

Mario Alcaraz

CEO of

“What most impressed me about ProductCrafters was their dedication to my project and understanding of our goals. They were very honest and transparent throughout the entire process and even invited me to Ukraine prior to the app launch to meet the team and work with them in their office. The travel time was long, but it was well worth it. Every member of their team - Oleg, Oleksii, Vadim, Anatolii, and Alex Strong were superstars. They are extremely hard working and great people.”

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