BeautyAdvisor is a collaborative platform for beauty discovery and inspiration, bringing users and experts together in a uniquely visual community.

It's a place where skilled experts from all over the USA share the results of their work and are ready to answer questions. They cover beauty services such as makeup, skin care, hairstyles, cosmetic surgery, spa, fitness and services for men. With convenient UI and UX design, users can easily search for any kind of service, share their own photos and videos and contact experts directly.

Mario Alcaraz

Mario Alcaraz

CEO at

“What most impressed me about ProductCrafters was their dedication to my project and understanding of our goals. They were very honest and transparent throughout the entire process and even invited me to Ukraine prior to the app launch to meet the team and work with them in their office. The travel time was long, but it was well worth it. Every member of their team - Oleg, Oleksii, Vadim, Anatolii, and Alex were superstars. They are extremely hard working and great people.”

7 months

4 engineers

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Website crashing with poor performance
The website that was in use before our project had several issues. The architecture was poorly designed and it caused a slow loading speed, even when there were only a small number of users.


We analyzed the existing website code and considered the possibility of refactoring. We expected that refactoring the existing code architecture would take a lot of time and, to speed up the development, we decided to rewrite it from scratch. As a result, the new backend handles three times more requests per second and cuts the response time from 1+ seconds to 100ms. It can also handle requests from the new mobile app.


New backend integration
We needed to make sure that the transition from the old database and backend was as seamless and possible. This meant synching the user data and minimising disruption for users.


Before conducting data migration to the new database and backend, we tested it on a staging server. This helped us to be certain that all data was saved correctly and users would continue using the site without noticing any underlying changes.


Lack of stability in the back-office web app


Having a fast-responding backend allowed us to rebuild the back-office app and add new features.


Dealing with new requests and ideas during the development process


Maintaining frequent communication with the client helped us to adjust the development process and implement new requests without significantly delaying the delivery date.


Implementation of a photo collage feature for the iOS app using React Native
Editing photos on a mobile device tends to be very resource consuming. We were asked to develop this feature on React Native, a cross-platform framework not designed for this kind of task.


In order to optimise the process and minimise loading speed, we used native image processing libraries. We used OpenCV to enable pasting 2 photos together. For adding fast-responding zoom and crop features we also engaged native libraries.


We improved the performance of the website, rebuilt the back office app and implemented and launched an iOS app. Now BeautyAdvisor is in the AppStore and has a 5 star rating from 50+ reviews.

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      Photo Collage

      Uploading photos is one of the most popular user operations. Users and experts need to be able to show before and after images to demonstrate the results of their beauty techniques. That’s why we implemented a photo collage feature. The usage of React Native in combination with native processing libraries enabled us to integrate this feature without affecting app performance. We also added layout selection with 6 different choices of layout.

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      User Profiles and Activity stream

      BA is a social beauty marketplace app which allows users to create their personalized accounts and fill them in with content. Users are able to share their photos and videos with others, review others pictures, like, comment, and save liked posts.

      It’s necessary for users to track all the activity on their own profiles and to know what’s going on with others. To make it possible, we implemented Activity Stream, which informs users about all updates.

      Moreover, we added a push notification option, to engage more with users and extend beyond the app. It helps to alert the user to updates and inform about the latest activity, such as new likes, comments, questions.

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      Real-time fast search and specific filters

      To make the search process faster we implemented a complex search which allows finding all kinds of content from any section of the app. There is also a special search feature on the Find Pros section where multiple filters are integrated. Users can search by the type of the professionals, by beauty categories, and by location. If a user allows the app to define his location automatically, the filter will display the nearest experts in the radius up to 80 miles. It’s also possible to choose any other location manually and change the radius distance.

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      In-app Messaging Channel

      So that users can easily contact experts, it was decided to implement a direct messaging channel. This is the easiest way for both of them to make a connection, schedule an appointment and stay in touch.

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      Featured experts

      To monetize the app and make it profitable, we implemented the option to display featured experts at the top of search results. Experts, who are willing to be shown above others, can pay for it. We enabled a back-office team to make changes to the searching results on the IOS app.

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      Tagged products

      To help the client to maximize exposure in search results and attract more customers, it was decided to add tagging products feature. It is a free way to get products in front of more buyers. For users, it simplifies the process of searching for necessary products.


    • Video calls twice a week.
    • Continuous deployment with weekly demos.
    • The client spent 2 weeks in our office at the final stage of the project.


    We faced two unexpected obstacles during the project development.

    • We discovered that developing the iOS app would take longer than originally expected. As soon as this became apparent, the client was informed. Our team started to work longer hours and we involved engineers from other projects. It allowed us to complete the project with almost no delay and without changing the budget.
    • There was a communication issue with the back-office app. Originally we planned to develop it in the second stage. In the middle of the project it became clear that we also needed to develop the app within the first stage. To deal with this issue we brought in 2 more developers temporarily to work on this app in parallel.

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