A few years ago (in 2016), co-founder of PenguinMagic.com Maxwell Murphy decided to develop an app that would help people organize and manage recurring tasks.

The platform for both private use and managing work processes. Any part of the work activity, that could be managed daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly can be managed automatically with the help of this app.

User Types

  • Common users may schedule & track regular activities like yoga, gym or shopping, and many other things to do. It helps to build new habits and follow the old ones.
  • Business users. It helps managers to remotely monitor their employees, send reports, track important, urgent, and non-urgent processes. It helps employees to focus on the main tasks and easily track the progress.

Process Board

World's first management engine for recurring tasks and ongoing activities. The Web app that helps to manage individual or business tasks with ease.

15 months

4 people



  • To create a production version of the app. When we started working on the app, it was in the MVP stage. We increased the stability and reliability of the app. We also added Stripe support option to allow billing through the app.
  • To add business features. In addition to existing features for personal usage, we created possibilities for business users. We made it possible to model organization processes and assign them to executors. So the manager could review performance easily and avoid micromanagement.
  • To improve app performance. After experimenting with hundreds of processes on single dashboard we found rendering drawbacks, fixed them and provided a smooth user experience.
  • To work on the SMS features (in progress). After experimenting with hundreds of processes on single dashboard we found rendering drawbacks, fixed them and provided a smooth user experience.


DashBoard is one of the central parts of the app. It enables users to transform any real-world process into a digital format and track it. The processes may be grouped into units by meaning. Each process is displayed in the form of a line with colorful segments. Any process may contain a number of actions to be done. The filling of each segment depends on the rate of completed actions. Each mark represents a particular date. When all actions are completed, the rectangle is green. Otherwise, it is red.

It’s easy to share the process in just a couple of clicks. And track each other's actions.


With ProcessBoard it’s easy to model the structure of organization inside the app. Users can arrange processes according to organization departments, set up planned activity for them and keep monitoring accomplishments of the tasks.

The app also provides email reporting. It allows receiving in time information about critical organizational processes or urgent activities to be done.

Flexible process control

There can be an unlimited number of steps in the scope of one process. Every such step can be used as a checklist. It’s up to a client what to use it for: a simple action like “buy a milk” or a text item that requires more detailed information “What particular steps have I accomplished after reading a monthly report?”

For the frequent actions there is an implemented option to schedule them according to repetition period: daily, weekly, monthly. It’s also possible to set up start and end days and to export the process to Google Calendar.

Process library

There is already a prepared list of the most popular and widely spread working processes. They all are grouped by categories, tags, and authors. It’s very convenient to track your results, as every process has accurate statistics on its install actions, completed steps, likes. There is also access to other similar processes.

In order to select one of the prepared processes, the user has to click on the Install button and the process will immediately appear on his dashboard, ready to use.

Each process comes with a schedule and has a link to the source and additional materials. It's also possible to customize every process for customers wishes and needs by editing actions and their repetitions.


  • In the beginning - weekly calls and reports.
  • 3 months of close face to face communication after Maxwell arrival to Ukraine.

Project development stack:





Maxwell Murphy

CEO at ProcessBoard.io

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